How to order

Please e-mail me at and include:

1. A photo or a scan of the drawing

2. Your full name

3. Your country and country of shipping if different

4. Name and age of the kid

5. Size of the softie you fancy:

Small 20-25 cm

Medium 30-35 cm

Large 40-45 cm

Bigger or smaller than above are possible as well after agreement.

6. Any more details you'd like to add to help me make the softie as closely as possible

I will send you the cost and leadtime. Prices depend on complexity and details of a drawing.

I'm based in Europe but I ship worldwide!


What's new?

Click on photo to enlarge

Mrs Snail by Iza, age 4

Ninja by Mateo, age 7

An Angel by Susanne, age 8

Mom by Julie, age 7

Blue baby elephant by Ethan, age 7

Mroomie by Maggie, age 9

Pink doggie by Penelope, age 3,5


  1. how beacutiful they are! good ! i like them !

  2. How wonderful! There's very little difference between the childs creation and yours. Great job!


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