How to order

Please e-mail me at and include:

1. A photo or a scan of the drawing

2. Your full name

3. Your country and country of shipping if different

4. Name and age of the kid

5. Size of the softie you fancy:

Small 20-25 cm

Medium 30-35 cm

Large 40-45 cm

Bigger or smaller than above are possible as well after agreement.

6. Any more details you'd like to add to help me make the softie as closely as possible

I will send you the cost and leadtime. Prices depend on complexity and details of a drawing.

I'm based in Europe but I ship worldwide!


Indian guy

Nele from Belgium wrote me with a question to make a special toy for her 26 y.o. boyfriend. Look what she wrote that made me agreed to create this toy from adult's drawing.

"The picture you see above is done by my boyfried. He's writing childrens' books and I want to give him an extra stimulant by giving him "the first coming alive of his books".

The character you see is his favourite of the series so thats why I chose it.
It's because it's his "life work", that it's really important that the doll is almost an exact replica of the drawing."

I liked her passion and big support for her boyfriend, not to mention I'm so ambitous person that was instantly ready to take the challenge of this difficult softie! I love how it turned out! How about you? :)

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  1. that is amazing!!!!!!!!! My daughter is a really good at making up her own pokemon and wants a plush of it like the other plushes of pokemon.:) and i think she wants a medium plush how much would that be?

  2. her birthday is coming up and i want to give her a gift!:)

    1. Hi Jill, please send me the drawing on, xx


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